An Experiment in “Twitter Novels”

e'Versions 'Free'
The e’Version link to

WTF! This is a Liberal Utopia is a two-hundred, sixty page satire on all the “unintended consequences” accompanying the “American Left’s” agenda, only in the year 2050 when they hypothetically succeed.  An e-novel you can download the book in a variety of formats at, or take a gander at my experiment in a Tweet Novel using ‘text and pictures’ within tweets on this site.  Use the “Table of Contents” to navigate your way through the series.  Either way, I hope you enjoy this, or my other novel – Liars the News Industry. The two novels have received critical acclaim from like-minded Americans; very likely because today’s liberal publishing establishment never let similar conservative works see the light of day… so, Enjoy!

WTF Frank Thompson
Chapter One in GIFs

Examples of ‘text within pics’ tweets:

Bob, a fellow twitterer who got it…
A new dimension to reading a novel…
The experiment does not work for you? Fine, download the e-version.

Revised: September 27, 2014

Words: 72,010
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1311801227

Also, you might check out my other tweet novel: LIARS the News Industry, while you’re there.

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